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Ken Block’s New Ford Raptor

Ken Block has a new toy to add to his garage!

Ford presented Ken with a brand new Ford Raptor truck. Check out the photos below. Not a bad winter toy!

So Ford, how can Celebrity Cars Blog get one of these in our garage?  This is what we want ours to look like! NorthWest Auto Salon’s Ford Raptor

Ken Block's Ford Raptor











Ken Block Ford Raptor

12 Responses to Ken Block’s New Ford Raptor

  1. Tyq says:

    It might not be beautiful but it looks very cool and kind of futuristic and brutal. Love it.

  2. Webfejelszt? says:

    That Ford looks really cool. Yep, it’s true, really futuristic. And btw, he deserves it, Ken Block is a really professional racer.

  3. Interstateaccidents.com says:

    Now that is alteration at its very best. The new Ford Raptor is truly unique as you will never get to see a similar one on the road any time soon. He has changed every bit of the new car that was given by the Ford on his success of Ford Focus rally car. But he probably didn’t like what he saw and turned it into something more beautiful. I really like the changes that have been made.

  4. chris says:

    Ken Block has got more toys than most people dream about having.

  5. Frank K says:

    Awesome raptor. Is it the 6.2?

  6. Bailey Lovett says:

    Truck looks great. What is size of the tires?

  7. alvin says:

    The new Raptor has been designed to be much sturdy and aggressive than the earlier version model, and it looks really cool in that black exterior.

  8. nelson zúñiga arias says:

    Zorry , i need to know how much can be the taxes to transport this car to Costa Rica . i want to import on of them this year and i´m gonna try to save some money thanks a lot !!!

  9. Ron says:

    Nice toy for this Boyyyyyyyyyyyyy ????????????????

  10. Truck looks great. Where can I get one just like that?

  11. I’m gonna get me one of those!


    Wow!!… I like this new Raptor Truck,
    yesterday I did see the Truck pulling a Pumping Concrete Truck!!
    That’s Awesome!!
    I wish one of those man…
    A pumping Concrete Truck Y’all!!!

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