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Birdman Spends $8 Million On New Maybach Exelero

Say whaaaat?? And you thought Birdman was already crazy for dropping money on a Maybach Landaulet, try dropping $8 million on a Maybach Exelero!

That’s right, $8 million on one car. According to an interview just a couple weeks ago, Birdman said “They got this new Maybach that I want that costs $8 million, I gotta have it” and now he does. The Maybach Exelero is a custom one of a kind car that tops out at around 214 mph.

Here is the picture he just tweeted…what do you think? Would you spend $8 million for it?

Birdman Maybach Exelero

Not a bad ride to compliment his Red Bugatti Veyron.

46 Responses to Birdman Spends $8 Million On New Maybach Exelero

  1. Banky Edwards says:

    Looks like the Replica of a Excelero which is build by Lamborghini Genève and costs around $800.000. As far as i know, the real one build by Fulda Tire Company build for Mercedes Benz isn’t really for sale. To make things short this seems to be the Replica. As the real one is located in Germany and there is snow in this picture, i doubt this picture was taken in Germany. We don’t have no more snow here in April. Looks like Switzerland to me.

    • Zarley says:

      You are right : it looks like the backside entrance of the Dolder Grand Hotel carpark in Zürich,Switzerland, where there’s a few corporate Mercedes happenings every year somewhere in middle of may that I know of.It could verywell be Maybach comes there too. It is the best easily accesible hotel in Zürich.

  2. fan says:

    The original in fact is built by Maybach but together with Fulda Tire Company, just like a test/show car for their tyres. On world wide web it says that this car isn’t avaliable for purchase. But maybe it you have enough $$$ and know some people you can actually buy it. And why wouldn’t maybach want to make some easy money, on incredibly overpiced car.
    If birdman bought replica than it is more than pathetic.

  3. manuka says:

    well, banky edwards is right. Lamborghini Geneve does build those 8 million dollar cars. still, its a replica. and I dont really like the design. a veyron is pretty much as expensive as a car should get. hope he bought it. good for the economy and he’ll be broke even sooner.

  4. Tyq says:

    ITs a interesting car and I think its a cool car to have in ones collection like prototypes or custom cars from movies. But 8 million for it is idiotic. ITs just not that special in any aspect. Id pay 8 mil for a car like Veyron if it were even more rare and exclusive and because it is a technical masterpiece. But this car? Its just basically a bodykit, well a custom body design, with Mercedes amg parts thrown in and nothing special in any other aspect unlike Veyron or other supercars.

  5. Jamie @ Cash Money Fan says:

    I don’t really like the car, but everyone has their own tastes…

  6. Private Number Plates says:

    $8 million dollars. Is that right? How does he insure it. I mean is it replaceable if he wraps it up?

  7. veico says:

    i like the car, and can someone answer please, how many cars does dirdman have?

  8. Jeff C. says:

    Cool car but no way would I spend that much! I have heard rumors that Jay-z drives the car?

  9. shakles says:

    diz beast is the best

  10. Maks says:

    i driven that car on Monte Carlo numberplates nice car but i still go Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir

  11. Regis Mijatovic says:

    Birdman never bought the Maybach Exelero he is lying.
    Birdman never paid for the car.

    Arnaud Massartic, a European entrepreneur who says he’s selling the $8 million Maybach, claims Birdman hasn’t yet paid him; the rapper insists the car will arrive December (along with the presumed winnings from his Mayweather wager)

  12. Supercar Forum for Auto Enthusiasts says:

    i think it looks really ugly and the rims are disgusting, for 8 million id rather 4 supercars over 1 supercar that is made more for luxury.

  13. pau l matt says:

    well i think the car is not bad but aint stylish like the bugatti but since he has cash to blow i bow to him

  14. hazel YMCMB says:

    if he likes he get a plot in moon thats his money haters go work for urs haters YMCMB BABY

  15. hazel YMCMB says:

    f&&k all the haters

  16. Kylin says:

    That car is ugly, IF he really bought that car, I doubt he paid 8 mil for it.

  17. BraxS says:

    He makes 100 million a year, this is nothing to him……..my dad makes 178 million a year and we got a bugatti, and he said it felt like he paid a dollar lol………… im pretty sure he can afford a 8 mil bugatti Kylin

  18. BraxS says:

    i mean maybache sorry, nevermind (i dont have a maybache……………………..yet lol jk).

  19. Frank K says:

    Birman should shut on himself

  20. Tim says:

    There is no way this ignorant @sshole even passed his driving test. He is dumber than a box of rocks. One million dollars says he has no license and his IQ is well below 100. Maybe he’ll wrap the thing around a pole and we wont have to hear about him ever again.

  21. Chris says:

    He does not own this car. He even says it himself in an interview, he said he offered them $10 million for it but they wouldn’t sell it. He tweeted the picture to do exactly what it did, create a buzz and get bloggers talking. As far as there only being one of them and it being in German, that is not true. I saw the car in person at the weekly Cars & Coffee in Irvine, California. The video can be seen on youtube.

  22. Raymond carter says:

    F@@k al dos who hat birdman,yes i think he is so priceles with no competition so if u think u have more money get your shyt n buy expensive car more than father priceles.we are xpectin a hundred milion dolar car 4rm u.believe that!preh!!!

  23. matthias says:

    Birdman be pimpin. Now he has a Maybach Excelero too, damn!!

  24. Joneeee says:

    I have a more fundamental issue with this article. Who the F**k is Birdman, and what could he possibly have contributed to mankind to justify him having access to that kind of money?

    • CBE says:

      how do you not know who birdman is? he’s one of the founders of Cash Money Records, and co-founder of Young Money Entertainment, he makes so so so so much off his artists

  25. Nana Kwabena says:

    Will even spend $12m on dat sh***t.birdman is a real Gee….one hunnid hommie

  26. wilfred Bagwell Timire says:


  27. PTHH says:

    Thats a hardcore ride!

  28. akwasi osika says:


  29. Y’all hatin on birdman and hez where he wants 2 b. . . I lyk the bugatti betta tho. . .

  30. king E says:

    If u got it spend it can’t take it wit u Fuck all u haters

  31. auvvy says:

    hes the man!! a made n*ggah!!

  32. testdomain says:

    Excellent blog you have here. You will find me browsing your stuff often. Book marked!

  33. Ancy Augustin says:

    This Car is Sexy and I love it..But, really I would not spent $8 millions bucks on it..That’s nothing for “BIRDMAN”

  34. Brian says:

    The car is sick but I honestly don’t think he downed $8 fr it.

  35. Andy says:

    Its not inportant that he cant take the car with him when dies. He coukd of given that money to starving children or spent it on a better investment to secure future generations. All these new cars are over rated. That is idiotic to spend $8 million. Maybe if the car had some significant historical value it then could be worth it. These new cars will never be able to be restored like the classics because to many electronics and computers and crap. These company’s stop making parts etc… We sold a 1940 770k Mercedes that belonged to hitler for 1.9 million but it had history.

  36. Andy says:

    The classic and antique cars are worth big money because rare but anyone can pay to have new care made but u can’t go back in time to the thirties and have car made. I don’t see anything special about it. Maybe if motor was made with 18k gold. I bet he couldn’t sell car for half what he paid.

  37. Andy says:

    That’s what I call a person with
    New money. Got more money than sense. I see no appreciation in a car valued at that. Rip off. Ugly car at that

  38. Andy says:

    Paying $8 million shows how stupid he really is. If I was him I wouldn’t even admit to spending that kind $ on a car makes him look & sound moronic.

  39. easy d says:

    Bird man deserves to have that ride cuz is a real ymcmb democrat and he is original gang*

  40. P BOY says:

    bird you will own more than dis but i think you should think about owning a private jet than this car

  41. P BOY says:


  42. hiphopstar motor says:

    Now a representative of European entrepreneur Arnaud Massartic, the current owner of the Exelero, has told MotorAuthority that Birdman is yet to pay for the car, leading to speculation that the multi-millionaire musician may have some liquidity issues.

    While Birdman currently owns a Maybach Landaulet valued at around $1.5 million, as well as a Bugatti Veyron that cost $2 million, according to a recent article in Forbes, many of his cars still have money owing on them.

    Arnaud massartic maybach will remain in germany for the time being

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