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Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Old School

Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted leaving the Brentwood Country Mart in his old school military Jeep after a morning workout with his bodyguard. SO sick! Wonder how it would look if it was murdered out? Just sayin’…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Jeep

Arnold Schwarzenegger Jeep

4 Responses to Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Old School

  1. Tyq says:

    hehe such a kewl guy. And I love the design of the door on the truck.

  2. Hova says:

    It already is “murdered out” OD green style. Awesome.

  3. bryan says:

    thats a dodge m37a1. not a jeep.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Bryan is correct, that is a dodge M37A1 probably circa 1941. Oh and it could not look any better then this. leave it stock.

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