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The Cars of Jersey Shore

On its new season premiere, the cast of Jersey Shore all sported brand new rides! The Situation has a new Range Rover (no idea where his Bentley is), Vinnie now drives a Mercedes-Benz E-Class while Pauly D enjoys rolling on his Cadillac and not his Mercedes E-Class he bought earlier in the year. JWoww and Snooks were both smush’N BMWs. Obviously, these kids are not complaining about the things that fame can do to them!

the situation-range-rover


Jwoww from jersey shore in her BMWjwoww Jersey Shore
Source: MTV

9 Responses to The Cars of Jersey Shore

  1. Celebrity Cars says:

    Does anyone know if these cars are owned by them or if they are provided to them by the show. Where is the Situation’s Bentley?

  2. matt says:

    dj pauly d bought a mercedes s class not e class

  3. swwwww says:

    Situation has always had that range rover(or at least since season 1) and pauly has had his cadillac also since then. Jenni had her bmw season 1 as well. Snooki and vinny and Ronny (who u missed) now have new rides. Ronny had a honda and is now rolling a 5 series. Snooka also had a honda and now has the 3 series. Vinny has a cobalt now has the E. Situation probobly didnt bring his bentley for the same reason pauley didnt bring his mercedes. MTV takes their cars and stores them while they are on the show. They are normally goven 2 escalades to use while there. If i had a Bentley Continental GT Speed i put a lot of $$ into i wouldnt want to keep it in some storage facility. Situation has a lot of $ reports have said he made $11,000,000 last year

  4. idkkk says:

    anybody notice Snookie’s car was a manual? I didn’t think she knew how to drive one but that makes her hotter being that she does.

  5. Atlanta Honda says:

    I don’t know if it’s their cars but even Z-listers like Jersey Shore kids get paid in the tens of thousands just to make appearances at clubs and event openings and such. Snooki also has a book out.

    Here it says Snooki making 10k an episode http://www.realitytea.com/tag/how-much-does-jersey-shore-cast-get-paid/

    People like Kardashian and Paris making way more. I read Paris one made six figures an appearance.

    On top of that, the cast also gets paid $10k per episode by MTV which is peanuts to what they can make from appearances.

  6. Atlanta Honda says:

    I meant Snooki makes at least $ 10k at least for a club appearance and they can do several in week easily. The real money is in club appearances. I would love a job like that; just look good, dress up and get paid to party.

  7. Celebrity Cars says:

    Snooky’s seat was so far up… made me laugh. And I couldn’t believe the seat covers!

  8. Jeff says:

    Pauly D did in fact buy a white S class last year. How do I know? It was on the front page of the paper here in Rhode Island, where he is from.

    Anyone else notice the fact that Snooki and Ronnie both have manual BMWs?

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