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Journey Band Member’s Mustang For Sale

If you’re into cars and power ballads, then you’ll find this interesting. Jonathan Cain, the keyboardist for the band Journey has put up his 2006 Ford Mustang up for grabs. It says the car comes with a complete set of signed Journey cd’s.  On a personal note I think I’d rather have the signed CD’s.

jonathan cain ford mustang for sale

Jonathan Cain Ford Mustang

5 Responses to Journey Band Member’s Mustang For Sale

  1. San Francisco Land Rover says:

    Nice car, however it’s a rather modest car for a member of one of the biggest 80’s groups of all times, plus they are still actively touring too.

  2. HANNAH BYRON says:


  3. ambient says:

    What’s wrong with a Roush Mustang? Depending on internal upgrades, this car is fully capable of running over the top of a lot of supposed “better” cars. You guys can keep the CDs…I’ll take the car.

  4. video games says:

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