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The Situation’s Bentley on a Tow Truck

Looks like The Situation definitely had a real situation on his hands today. His black Bentley was spotted hitching a ride up the New Jersey turnpike earlier today. Fortunately for The Situation, it looks like no violations were involved and it was just stopping in for a quick tune-up in Manhattan.

Even his Bentley needs a little TLC or should we say GTL every now and then.

The Situations Bentley

3 Responses to The Situation’s Bentley on a Tow Truck

  1. Atlanta Honda says:

    I can’t believe that cheesy reality tv star makes enough to buy a Bentley. Makes me want to become a reality star too.

  2. triple threat says:

    I not going to hate on him.he getting his and that’s all it is.I would do the same thing If I was in his position.

  3. Tow Truck says:

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