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Cory Montieth Rocking An Audi A5

Glee star Cory Montieth was spotted loading the trunk of his Audi A5 with some rental music equipment for a friend’s party.

cory montieth-audi a5

7 Responses to Cory Montieth Rocking An Audi A5

  1. Anonymouse says:

    That’s an S5 (quad tailpipes)

  2. manuk says:

    yep, S5.

  3. andrew shulman says:

    yupppp thats an s5

  4. Ambient says:

    The A5/S5 is my favorite Audi…prefer the lines of a coupe over a sedan.

    This car has great lines, the sedans just seem to blend into the scenery too much.

  5. WRONG says:

    its an s5 with the badges removed probably. Can tell by the quad exhaust pipes.

    Btw Ambient, the sedan is called the A4/S4…

  6. Ambient says:

    I was refering to ALL Audi sedans in general vs. Audi 5…sorry for the confusion 😉

  7. audi guy says:

    premium trim level is equipped with standard options that include power retractable smooth top, a multifunction steering column, power retractable smooth top, auto climate control, a wind blocker, satellite radio, and a ten-speaker CD stereo system

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