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Paris Hilton’s New Rolls Royce Ghost

Paris Hilton FINALLY ditched her pink Bentley (or so we think) for a new Rolls Royce Ghost. The actress even tweeted “The Rolls Royce Ghost drives better then any car I’ve ever driven. So smooth and such a sexy car. Loves it! :)”. Thank God for no more pink Bentleys!

Paris hilton Rolls Royce Ghost

Source: X17 Online

Paris Hilton Rolls Royce Ghost

Source: X17 Online

11 Responses to Paris Hilton’s New Rolls Royce Ghost

  1. swwwww says:

    saw her 3 hours ago in LA and she was riding the pink bentley and btw its in the backround of the first pic

  2. Palm Desert Toyota says:

    The smoothest car she’s ever driven? That’s saying A LOT, considering she used to drive Benz Mclaren, the pink Bentley you mentioned, PLUS I’ve seen papparazi pics of her driving a blue Bentley too. I know she still has the blue one. You’ve got to hand it to Paris, she has the best taste in cars!

  3. Hova says:

    She looks hot in that Rolls! You know she’s gonna be hot-boxing too.

  4. sunbeam says:

    the people at rolls royce should have refused to sell her one.

    “no sorry you can’t have one ms hilton, why?, because you are no-talent reality tv trustfund bimbo and we’d prefer not to be associated with people like you”.

  5. ambient says:

    Says dog-faced Ms. Hilton, “It’s so smooth and powerful..you can’t even feel anything when you run over a papparazzi’s leg!”.

  6. Celebrity Cars says:

    I hope she throws that pink Bentley away. It makes me sick to be dead honest

  7. vienaturis says:

    I like Paris Hilton’s how drive 🙂

  8. pinkdiamonds says:

    Well it seems that paris seems to be very preoccupied with driving nice cars and being the party person she really needs to start helping the homeless people or something she has so much money its should be illegal I’m serious its crazy for anyone to have that much money this car I have a feeling is a rental but she could have bought it she is rich enough to buy one doesn’t she feel weird driving a four door car especially a car that big? I don’t know I just think she could put her time and money to better use by helping others people in need instead of smoking weed and driving nice cars please do something else Paris

  9. pinkdiamonds says:

    No Hova she isn’t hot she’s what Ambient said I won’t repeat it but look at what Ambient said that’s the truth

  10. pinkdiamonds says:

    I also agree 100% with what sunbeam said and Celebrity Cars and yes we all know she’s going to be doing her drugs in the car

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