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Bristol Palin’s Big Ride – Ford F150

Here’s political daughter-turned- Dancing with the Stars hopeful Bristol Palin with her 1997 Ford F-150. Some say she sports this big and bulky ride because her mom, Sarah Palin, wanted something to tow their snowmobiles. Okay, we get the practicality, but c’mon, she deserves to drive a sleeker car! She’s in Hollywood now, not in their timber wonderland in Alaska!


Bristol Palin Drives A Ford F150

Bristol Palin Ford F150

4 Responses to Bristol Palin’s Big Ride – Ford F150

  1. matt says:

    ya thats a 2010 dodge ram

  2. sunbeam says:

    that figures. you can take the girl out of alaska but you cant take alaska out of the girl.
    enough space for a dead moose in the back, or an arsenal of weapons and a stack of bibles. she might need them amongst the godless sodomites of hollywood.

    ….she is 19 now. christ she looks 30!.

  3. 2005 Ford Crown Victoria Window Regulator says:

    Ford 150 is a really good car. Celebrities can really buy all the cars that they want. Like this one.

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