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Lebron James Is A Storm Trooper In His Camaro

How have we not seeing this before.  I would not have doubted that Lebron James would have some serious car game but this Storm Trooper Camaro is actually pretty sick.  If it weren’t for the wheels I would be hating but between the all-white wheels and the tinted front window I like what he’s doing.

Lebron James White Camaro

Lebron James's White Camaro

Front of Lebron James's Camaro

Front of Lebron James’s Camaro

Here you can see Lebron James Camaro lined up with a black Camaro as well.
Lebron James Camaro

Video after the jump. Car is at about 2:50.

9 Responses to Lebron James Is A Storm Trooper In His Camaro

  1. State of Ohio says:

    I hope Lebron and his Camaro get T-Boned by a dump truck.

  2. the yamaha raptor 250r says:

    Nice looking car for a very rich basketball player. I just hope that he can make his hoops on the miami heat when he’s already playing.

  3. ambient1 says:

    I was wondering how long it would take for some professional athlete or rapper to ugly up a Camaro…looks like I have my answer.

  4. rexbelia says:

    you might as well say black athlete or rapper.

  5. Adam says:

    i think its not like that . . . .

  6. Blake says:

    and to bad you not allowed to tint your front window

  7. Fancy Food Frank says:

    People don’t have to smile but this man does all the time. He wants to have fun on and off the court. I bet he would be alot of fun to hang with.

  8. Alex says:

    Are you salling this white Camero ?

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