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Beau Dunn – G Wagon Mafia Poser

Beau DunnA reader sent in some photos of a white G-Wagon with a bright pink spare-tire cover. Apparently it’s owned by Beau Dunn who upon inspection is a aspiring model in Beverly Hills.  What girl in “the hills”isn’t?

Now looking at the G-Wagon and scanning her portfolio I’m not sure we’re going to classify her as a celebrity but in the meantime we will call some attention to her as if the reverse fanny pack spare tire doesn’t already.

Also, for those who’ve seen this car running around LA, is it an imported G-Wagon?  Looking at the lights I get the feeling that it’s either super old school or its one of those military like ones imported in.

Beau Dunn-G-Wagon Mafia Poser


16 Responses to Beau Dunn – G Wagon Mafia Poser

  1. blake says:

    checked out this girls website, atleast shes working, and has a sick g, better than all those other “HILLS” girls… shes got her stuff together…

  2. Blaise says:

    the place for the numberplate on the rear bumper was designed to house the European longer but thinner plates, so I guess it’s imported and kept under the European standard

  3. Chanel says:

    The car is fabulous, and so is she. Great Find!

  4. Jon says:

    “Now looking at the G-Wagon and scanning her portfolio” –> what is wrong with her portfolio? This girl is smoking hot & has a bomb G …

  5. Matt F says:

    It’s one of the G-wagens that was imported in the mid-90’s (euro-spec) and someone paid a fortune for. Now that the newer and nicer G’s are sold here, the imported ones, except the soft top 2-doors, are very cheap. If you wanted to look the part on a budget, this would be the way.

  6. Tom G. says:

    RE: Matt:
    This is not a mid-90’s G wagon. It has the earlier lights, but this is a 2000+ import. I have this exact car in silver which I had imported from Germany in 2000/2001. This car is also not cheap, what kind of budget are you talking about? If you wanted the G look, but not the typical american body, this is a great purchase. This car is also a few inches wider, and the interior is much more spacious.

  7. CassavaLeaf says:

    G Wagon’s are Hummers with leather seats

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  9. Jeff S. says:

    shes hot

  10. sam says:

    It looks like a barbie car 🙂

  11. blah says:

    it was a high school graduation present in '05 or something.

  12. Rocky says:

    I follow her twitter and saw her new matte black g55 that platinum pimped out for her.

  13. Rocky says:

    any update on her new ride?

  14. Arizona auto repair says:

    Now that the newer and nicer G’s are sold here, the imported ones for arizona auto repair shops. If you wanted to look the part on a budget, this would be the way.

  15. Shawn says:

    Dude, this is freakin sick. Old school gwagon. I looked her up and saw she got a murdered out edition by PLATINUM. Gotta post pics on here! Bangin’ post


  16. jackson says:

    ew that car is GROSS

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