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Chris Brown Rolling a Bugatti Veyron

I almost can’t believe it but Chris Brown is really rolling a Bugatti Veyron. I’m in a little bit of shock and I don’t know if this makes me like him or hate him more but that Bugatti Veyron is beautiful!

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29 Responses to Chris Brown Rolling a Bugatti Veyron

  1. Celebrity Cars says:

    Yeah I know… don’t try and blog from your iphone! Sorry about the spelling!

  2. Tom says:

    it isnt his, he rents loads of cars….

  3. Celebrity Cars says:

    Can you point us to a rental company that has a Bugatti Veyron??? Very interested in knowing what the rate is.

  4. Tristan says:

    only co that rents a buggati is beverly hills rent a car and it’s 25.000 a day the car is out of la* and if you want it anyplace in the usa costs you 80 cents a mile to be shipped there, I rent cars from them all the time here in scottsdale they have loads of locations in the usa. here is the url I was told you have to have a 130.000$ depsit to rent this car and this car is not really part of the rental fleet it’s the owners car and he rents it out to certified people,

  5. Tristan says:

    also he wrights and produces, he is very wealthy is stated in forbs” the avg american that buys a veyron makes 410.000 take home so you make im guessing 490.000 before taxes, there is a guy here in town that has one he owns a shipping co* and he owns dentist offices, He also has a slr mclaren, bentley flying spur* range rover. and a business to pay for and rent on a giant house i bet he is broke or close to none. his rent between his house and propertys has to be 300.000 plus being he has 4 huge offices i heard from a friend that knows him he spends 1.3 mill a month on rent ins paying people and all, Dose he sleep i wonder?

  6. Bradley Nordstrom says:

    that’s umbeleiveable

  7. E says:

    WAC… I really don’t like him anymore (Not that I ever particularily did)

    Screwed it up with Rihanna and now that he’s got no arm candy he feels compelled to have car candy instead…

    He’s a tacky git too… Lambo with spider embroidery anyone??

    As amazing as the Veyron is I just don’t like it that much… Wouldn’t say no to one but it’s no Carrera GT 😉

  8. Celebrity Cars says:

    E, I’m with you on that CGT! Only supercar entry in the last year or so thats really stepped it up for me is the Scuderia!

  9. tristan says:


    i cant remember the website i seen it two years ago people would text this website when they seen celebs and took photos or just text and it would show up on a map in 14 sec the website said, showed allot of photos of celebs in cars! Whats nick lachey driving these days he has always been a ferrari guy

  10. Mike says:

    thers no way in hell thats his!…most rappers cant afford that

  11. E says:

    Scuderia is tight…

    2010 GT3 RS is going to blow everything out of the park…

    Nissan GTR is pretty sweet too, Dude from Kings of Leon is rockin’ one!

    There’s some pretty sweet cars out in the last year or two but nothing Chris Brown probably knows exists…

  12. Chris says:


    IIRC 50 Cent has a Ferarri Enzo, F50, F40 and 599 GTB. amongst other things.

    Enzo’s in the UK, used, are selling for new Veyron money, and the other 3 have gotta be worth 3/4 Mil…

  13. trevor says:

    @ Chris

    50 cent is probbly one of 3 rappers that could afford cars like that. I mean maintenance on these cars is through the roof. My sister is a executive assistant to calvin ayre who is some pretty boy playboy who owns one of these and if you dont live near a dealer you have to fly the technician out to your residence and i think the oil change is something like 4,000 dollars.

  14. Sue | Vehicle Financing says:

    That is a super car and the only celebrity that I knew that had one was Simon, from American Idols. Only Celebes’s can afford cars like these, for us we can only dream.

  15. Susan Trade In's says:

    If you have money like him and a few other celebrities then yes you can also drive around in a Buggati-veyron, when I first heard of them and saw them I did not like them at all, but after watching Top Gear and them test driving it all I can say is wow its hot!!!!

  16. Dan Peel says:

    Chris Brown has a net worth well in excess of $25 million. He’s got no problem affording this car if that’s what he wants. And why not? You only live once.

  17. X says:

    If you examine record sales, concert revenue, endorsements, and a variety of other factors, and relate them to his spending trends, and adjust totals for lost revenue from violations of moral-clause from endorsements, and adjust for inflation and tax liability, Chris Brown’s net worth is actually closer to $11 Million, of which $7-$8M would likely be CASH.

    My Uncle owns a Veyron and let me tell you guys it costs a fortune to upkeep. 2009 Maintenance costs:

    Required Annual Service: $43,917.44
    Veyron-Specific Tires REPLACED max every 2,500 miles (No discount tire company tires here): $31,582.19 per 2,500 miles
    Just to mention, the wheels and tires are supposed to be replaced every 10,000 miles, and that costs north of $50,000 USD.
    I don’t know what his insurance premium was before the Veyron, but he told me his premium jumped over $4,000 per quarter ($16,000) a year when he added the Veyron.

    My point of all of this? Depending on the miles, it can cost upwards of a quarter of a million to maintain the vehicle per year.

    I would say Chris Brown has either leased the vehicle, which my Uncle had investigated doing (still had all of the maintenance costs) which was going to have a monthly payment of around $180,000.00. I am not sure the terms of that lease. OR Brown rented it.

    Buying a Veyron is financial suicide unless you have excess of $10M cash (not net worth, CASH) and at least active income per year of $1,325,000.

    One of my businesses: I create lifestyle budgets for high net worth individuals. I personally own 2 exotics (not Veyron by any means) and the maintenance is something many people fail to factor in. My two exotics cost me nearly $50k a year to maintain (including insurance, tuning, detailing), but I do actually drive them! My Murcielago LP640 has nearly 50,000 miles on it (bought it new), and my F430 has 40,000 miles on it (bought it with about 2,000 miles on it).

    I hope this has aided in understanding of costs associated with owning exotic vehicles. You could literally buy a new economy car every year for what they cost you in maintenance.

    The best bang for your buck that I have seen when it comes to owning something “exotic” is buying a Porsche 911 TurboS. The maintenance is reasonable and the MSRP is also a bargain if you can avoid getting sucked into all the “extras” at the time of purchase.

    Second best value for an “exotic” would be an Audi R8. Higher MSRP and maintenance, but a great network of dealers and (sssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone) you can mix certain “Audi parts” to lower maintenance.

  18. burberry outlet says:

    personally,i am agree with what you said!thank you

  19. Engine remapping says:

    It is unbelievable Chris Brown is rolling in a Veyron, I agree! For one thing there is hardly anyroom for beating up on your girlfriend in the tiny interior. You don’t nearly have the room to cock back your fist and crack her one the way Chris prefers.

  20. nails says:

    Now a days, there are many celebrity in fashion industry are enjoying the latest technological facilities.

  21. aviator sunglasses says:

    Bugatti Veyron is round about £12995.00 in UK ……

  22. rocky sly says:

    It’s definitely a rental. Who are you kidding, brah?

  23. essay writing says:

    His car is a sex machine. Was named “Car of the decade” and Chris Brown has made a good choice with this sports car.

  24. doesn't matter says:

    No his!!!

  25. Matt says:

    The Bugatti was a rental, companys name is Forza Collozione in Orlando Florida.

  26. Mauro Traver says:

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