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Kelly Osborne Whips a Mercedes C-Class

Imagine that you are the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne and your running around Los Angeles in the same car that 16 year-olds in Pasadena are driving. Well, true story for Kelly Osbourne that so many of us faithful MTV goers got to know about 5 or six years back. At that time I don’t remember what exactly she was driving while picking up Ozzie but I’ve got to believe it was a little more classy than this standard Mercedes Benz C-Class. But who knows, maybe she stole the maid’s car!

Kelly Osborne Mercedes C-Class

9 Responses to Kelly Osborne Whips a Mercedes C-Class

  1. analymous says:

    i remember in their show she was driving a red sl55 or 65, cant remember. that was obviosuly a couple of years back. talk a bout downgrade.

  2. Reese says:

    shes still rich….and i mean the car is exactley that, an A to B mobile, now myself….Audi R8 or S8. But, thats just me lol

  3. Asian Martin says:

    Her SL wasnt an AMG, it was your run-o-the-mill SL500 in Mars Red back in 2002 when the car was launched. Then the following season she switched to a MINI Cooper hatch (non-S).

  4. Celebrity Cars says:

    Damn, you guys have a memory!

  5. Chris says:

    I also remember a blue ’02 ML350 that she drove during the show

  6. Sin's Friend says:

    Why are we discussing “downgrades” and whether she is “rich”? What are YOU driving? What’s in YOUR bank account? Let’s stick to the most important facts:

    1. She is ugly.
    2. She is depressed because she is ugly.
    3. She is getting uglier by the day.
    4. Plastic surgery can slow the process down, but it can’t stop it.

  7. Kaeden Hopper says:

    miley you rock and all of you guys are just jealous because she is famous and you are not so shut the hell up!!! miley is awesome

  8. Gibliner says:

    Really?? Who ever said the C Class is not classy its one of the best mercs you can get nowadays!

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