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Rob Dyrdek Rides Dirty in a White Bentley Continental GT

Rob Drydek's White Bentley

Rob may be a C-list celebrity to the WSJ but to me, Rob is A-list even though I have yet to see him out stunin in his White Bentley Continental GT Coupe. Check out Rob Dydrek’s Bentley dressed in 22’s hooked up by Vivid Racing!

Rob Drydek Bentley


7 Responses to Rob Dyrdek Rides Dirty in a White Bentley Continental GT

  1. Ale says:

    Roob! lol
    i love his bulldogs *-*

  2. Timothy says:

    Well this car is amazing, it has everything you could wish. I wonder will Rob Dyrdek want to change it for a Dodge 1987 🙂

  3. Chelsea says:

    I am in loved with Bentley Continental GT, but I have a question, who is Rob Dyrdek? I never heard of him.

  4. Carolyn says:

    In February 2009, Bentley announced the production of Bentley Continental Supersports. The car was unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, announced to be available in autumn 2009 worldwide, while North American cars would be available by winter 2011.

  5. Hively says:

    The first impression of the $273,515 Conti Supersports is visceral: You think “tuner,” though not perhaps the way you visualize the neighbor kid’s Accord, slammed and given wider rubber. Though, honestly, there is some of that after all. Here though it’s largely not for poseur intent.

  6. Rainey says:

    Astonishing car, it looks great in white. I wonder how much does it consume on 100 miles, what motorization it has.

  7. Brennan says:

    Astonishing car, I wish I had it, but unfortunately I’m driving an old crysler which barely stays on the road.

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