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Exclussive Photos of David Beckham’s Escalade

David Beckham Custom Cadillac Escalade

Check out these exclusive photos of David Beckham’s Cadillac Escalade that was a gift from Tom Cruise. We have yet to get some great shots of him out and about in the Cadillac Escalade custom adorned in all 23 insignia but as soon as we catch David Beckham in it… you will see them!

UPDATE: From a recent news article…
Beckham says rumours on a website that the three vehicles were gifts from friend Tom Cruise are wrong. “Someone asked me if they were a gift from Tom Cruise but, no, I bought them myself,” he says.

Beckham told the Los Angeles Times he prefers to drive himself rather than having a chauffeur and that he isn’t daunted by Los Angeles’s notorious traffic jams. “I love driving, so if I’m on the freeway for longer than I usually am, then I’ll enjoy it, listening to music and driving the car.”

Beckham has an impressive garage in Britain that houses some of the world’s most exotic machinery, including a Porsche 911, Ferrari 550 Maranello, Aston Martin DB7, Bentley Continental GT and Lamborghini Gallardo. He also likes off-roaders. He has owned an armour-plated BMW X5 (bought after a kidnap attempt on one of his sons), a Hummer H2 and a Lincoln Navigator.

David Beckham Escalade

David Beckham Cadillac Escallade

David Beckham Cadillac Escalade



6 Responses to Exclussive Photos of David Beckham’s Escalade

  1. Anonymous says:

    You missed some of his cars in UK

    2 Bentley Arnage T’s
    Range Rover
    Aston DB9

    & in Madrid where they lived prior to LA they had/have –

    Audi RS6 Avant
    Audi Q7
    Range Rover Sport
    BMW 650CI
    Ferrari F430

  2. Sports Bars Manchester says:

    Becks come back to the UK….we miss you and our cars are much better. Bentleys and Range Rovers…

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