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Tom Green was MTV’s leading funny man of the late 90s. The network aired The Tom Green Show, which was famous for its pranks and shock humor. During the show, Tom played tricks on everyone, including his own parents. While increased fame made it more difficult for him to surprise many people in the public, the show still was a huge success in the U.S. and Canada. During this time, he also wrote and sang “Lonely Swedish (The Bum Bum Song),” which subsequently had a hit video that made it on MTV’s Total Request Live.
While Tom has led a whirlwind of a life in comedy, his upbringings were more conservative. Born in Ontario, Canada, Tom spent much of his childhood on an army base because his father was a Canadian army captain. He would go on to study broadcasting in college, but he had an interest in comedy since his teen years. Tom had short stints as a rapper, stand-up comedian and radio show until he eventually secured his own television show. Since then, he has also starred in and written feature films.
Tom’s profession may be full of laughs, but the comedian has had some hard personal moments. He left The Tom Green Show because of treatments for testicular cancer, and the series never came back. Tom was married to Drew Barrymore, but the couple split after only five months.

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