Tom Cruise

Everything You Need To Know About Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the most popular actors of all time. While his personal life is often criticized, there is no denying his acting abilities. His versatility is evident in many of the roles he has played, ranging from comedies like Jerry Maguire, action films such as the Mission: Impossible series, as well as dramatic films like The Last Samurai. It has been quite a journey for this actor, and fans continue to come out in large numbers to see his latest films.
This New York native was born in Syracuse, but he lived in Canada for many years of his childhood. Tom gained an interest in acting when he was in elementary school and he was subsequently involved in student plays. His first professional acting job was in a small role in 1981’s Endless Love. The actor went on to play in a number of hit movies, eventually gaining lead roles in Risky Business, Top Gun, Rain Man, Vanilla Sky and War of the Worlds. In recent years, Tom has played smaller comedic bit roles in hits like Tropic Thunder and Rock of Ages.
Tom is no stranger to entertainment news venues. From his highly-publicized marriages and divorces to both Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, to his controversial religious beliefs, Tom tends to be a regular in the tabloids. But one thing is for sure—no matter what his beliefs or personal life, people admire the actor greatly for his professional talents.

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