Spencer Pratt

Everything You Need To Know About Spencer Pratt

You may know him as the angry cast member of The Hills and the husband of Heidi Montag. Whatever your feelings about the reality star, the fact is that Americans can’t get enough of the controversy that has surrounded this actor for the last several years. He continues to look for new reality show opportunities, and isn’t afraid of causing a stir among the public.
Spencer grew up in southern California. While he is best-known for his role in The Hills on MTV, he actually first appeared on a reality show with Brody Jenner called The Princes of Malibu. He created the series with Jenner, and was also the executive producer. The series didn’t last longer than six episodes; however, it opened doors for Spencer’s most famous role yet on The Hills.
During his role on MTV’s hit show, Spencer met Heidi Montag. He was also known for stirring up controversy on the series, particularly with Lauren Conrad. Heidi and Spencer eloped in 2008, and have been together since.
Since the end of The Hills, Spencer has made many attempts for him and his wife to get back out in the spotlight. The couple was even legally separated in 2010, but quickly got back together. It is unclear whether the separation was real or done for publicity. In 2012, Spencer announced a new reality show was in the works for Heidi and him.

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