Sir Mix-A-Lot

Everything You Need To Know About Sir Mix-A-Lot

Anthony Ray, better known as Sir Mix-A-Lot, is a Grammy Award-winning artist currently based in Seattle. He first gained immense popularity when he let the world know of his love of big butts through the hit single “Baby Got Back.” The song went on to win him the award for Best Rap Solo at the 1993 Grammys, and it forever sealed Sir Mix-A-Lot in a legendary status among hip-hop artists.
Before Sir Mix-A-Lot gained fame for his honesty about female anatomy, he first wrote and mixed songs in 1986. He co-created the Nastymix record label, but he later found more success with Def American, who signed his “Baby Got Back” song-containing album, Mack Daddy.
Unfortunately, subsequent songs failed to match the popularity of his Grammy-winning hit. Instead, Sir Mix-A-Lot shifted his focus to producing and mixing albums for other hip-hop artists. He records new material on an infrequent basis, and still revels in the success of
“Baby Got Back.”
Sir Mix-A-Lot is also known to make a few television appearances here and there. Some of his credits include roles in The Watcher, Robot Chicken and Tom Goes to the Mayor.

Sir Mix-Alot’s McLaren MP4-12C

Sir Mix Alot Mclaren Mp4-12C

Sir-Mix-Alot’s Lamborghini LP640

Sir-Mix-Alot's Lamborghini LP640

Sir-Mix-Alot’s Lamborghini Diablo VT

Sir-Mix-Alot's Lamborghini LP640

Sir-Mix-Alot’s 348 Ferrari

Sir-Mix-Alot's 348 Ferrari

Sir-Mix-Alot’s Mercedes-Benz 500SEC AMG Cab

Sir-Mix-Alot's Mercedes-Benz 500SEC AMG Cab

Sir-Mix-Alot’s McLaren MP4-12C

997 Turbo Cab

Mid-80’s Candy Mercedes 500SEL

Candy Mercedes 500SEL

Sir-Mix-Alot’s 1987 Ferrari Testarossa

Sir-Mix-Alot’s Audi R8

Sir-Mix-Alot's Audi R8

Sir-Mix-Alot’s Black Ferrari F430

Sir-Mix-Alot's Ferrari F430

Sir-Mix-Alot’s Red Ferrari F430

Another Sir-Mix-Alot Ferrari F430

Sir-Mix-Alot’s Ferrari F360

Sir-Mix-Alot's Ferrari F360

Sir-Mix-Alot’s Gemballa “Blurple”

Sir-Mix-Alot's Gemballa "Blurple"

Sir-Mix-Alot’s 1991 Diablo

Sir-Mix-Alot's 1991 Diablo

Sir-Mix-Alot’s Coke White Corvette

Sir-Mix-Alot's Coke White Corvette

Sir Mix Alot’s Slant-Nose Gemballa

Sir Mix Alot's Slant-Nose Gemballa

Sir-Mix-Alot’s music videos featuring various cars