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Shane Mosley is one of the biggest names in boxing, and this champion has had quite the fruitful career. He has a one of the best records in the industry, with 46 wins out of a total of 56 fights. While Shane has fought hard in the ring, he fights even harder as an activist for some of the leading causes in America.
Born in California, Shane took up boxing at a young age and officially started his career as a Lightweight in the late 80s. In 1989, he won his first title: the United States Amateur Champion at Lightweight. Over the course of his career, Shane won many other championships, including those for the Ring Light Middleweight, IBF Lightweight and WBA Super Welterweight.
Officially retired from boxing as of 2012, Shane has other important matters to focus on these days. He is helping his son, Shane Jr., train in the world of boxing. In addition, Shane is focused on a partnership with PETA to end dog fighting. While Shane is a fighter in a ring, he agrees with most of us that dog fighting is not acceptable.

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