Britney Spears

Everything You Need To Know About Britney Spears

Britney Spears has truly evolved since her Mickey Mouse Club days in the early 90s. She soon emerged into one of the 90s iconic teen pop legends that would soon have her own share of personal and professional ups and downs. The world had high hopes for America’s sweetheart after the dancing sensation came out with her first album “Baby One More Time.”
After her unprecedented success at the turn of the new millennium, Britney unfortunately started to gain more attention for her personal life rather than her natural talent as a singer and dancer. In 2004, she married her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, at a Vegas wedding chapel. The marriage was annulled just over 48 hours later. Just months later, she became engaged to backup dancer Kevin Federline, whom she eventually had two children with.
The world will never forget some of the images that were associated with her relationship with Federline that damaged Britney both personally and professionally. The paparazzi couldn’t get enough of her slip-ups, from driving her toddler son in the front seat of the car, to shaving off her hair completely bald.
Despite the controversies and mishaps, the world loves Britney. Thankfully, the pop icon didn’t let her demons drag her down like so many other singers in her industry have. She continues to come out with highly successful albums, and she is even involved with The X-factor show—if Simon Cowell wants to work with her, then that says something right there!

Britney’s Mercedes-Benz G55

Britney Spears G-Wagon

Britney’s Smart Car

Britney Spears Smart
Britney Spears Smart Car

Britney’s Jaguar XK

Britney Spears Jaguar
Britney Spears Jaguar XK

Britney’s Maserati Gran Turismo

Britney Spears Maserati Gran Turismo
Britney Spears Maserati Gran Turismo

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Britney’s BMW 328i

Britney Spears BMW 328i

Britney’s Mercedes-Benz CLK

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