Alex Rodriguez

Everything You Need To Know About Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is known for his talent for the New York Yankees. He is the youngest Major League Baseball player (MLB) to make 500 home runs, and he is also considered leader among Hispanic baseball players. Alex is currently in the middle of a 10-year contract with the Yankees, which entitles him to a total of $275 million through 2017.
Before he became the highest-grossing baseball player in MLB history, Alex came from humble beginnings. He was born in New York City, and moved to the Dominican Republic with his family at just four years old. His family then left their native country once again for the city of Miami. Alex grew up in this exciting city and was even offered a baseball scholarship through the University of Miami. However, he turned the offer down for an MLB debut with the Seattle Mariners. Alex was only 17 years old.
After playing for the Seattle Mariners for six years, he was recruited by the Texas Rangers with a $252 million contract. He became the League’s Most Valuable Player in 2003, which was his last year playing for the Rangers.
Alex’s professional successes were questioned in 2009 after he admitted to using steroids during his stint with the Rangers. Also, his wife divorced him in 2008 over accusations of infidelity. Despite any personal issues, the Yankees continue to regard Alex as one of their most valuable players.

Alex Rodriquez’s Maybach

Alex Rodriguez Maybach
Alex Rodriguez Maybach

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Alex Rodriguez Ferrari