Everything You Need To Know About Akon

Akon is a versatile hip-hop and R&B talent. He has had much individual success, but he has also collaborated numerous other artists in the music industry. This has made him quite rich and well-known. However, there is still an air of mystery that surrounds Akon as fans continue to get to know him through his songs and collaborations.
Born in Missouri, Akon grew up in many other regions. His family moved to Senegal, Africa when he was a child. After having split several years between Africa and the U.S. growing up, Akon eventually settled in New Jersey. Still, he considers Senegal his home. Akon is secretive about his birth date, and there are many conflicting reports out there regarding his age.
The future R&B artist was born into a musical family. Akon took interest in music during his childhood but didn’t officially enter the industry professionally until 2003. His early works gained a great deal of interest from other artists who wished to collaborate with him. To date, Akon’s most popular single is 2006’s “Smack That.” Fans are awaiting his latest album, Stadium, which is slated for release in 2013.

Akon’s Porsche Panamera

Akon's panamera

Akon’s Customized Spyker C8

Akon Spyker

Akon next to his Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

Akon's lambo
Akon's lambo

Akon’s White Ferrari 458

Akon's 458

Akon’s whips rolling out to a local car show

Akon on MTV Cribs

Akon photos

Akon's collection