Adam Levine

Everything You Need To Know About Adam Levine

Adam Levine is the hot front man of the hit group, Maroon 5. This band has taken the pop-rock music scene by storm over the last several years, and their commercial success has helped provide Adam with opportunities to explore other areas of the entertainment industry. He is a coach on NBC’s The Voice, and he has even played roles in TV shows and movies.
While Adam is certainly a commercial sensation, he went through a few career ups and downs. Growing up in Los Angeles, Adam knew many aspiring artists who longed to make it big. At first, the idea of fame seemed like a real possibility when his band, Kara’s Flowers, appeared on Beverly Hills, 90210 during an episode filmed in the late 90s. However, the band didn’t make any mainstream break into the industry, and the band split up. Years later, after careful study of various music, the band got back together and reformed as Maroon 5, with an additional new member.
When Adam isn’t making music with Maroon 5, he is busy with numerous other ventures, including his coaching gig on The Voice. He created 222 Records in 2012, which is actively seeking new artists. On top of his professional job, Adam frequently advocates for the awareness of ADHD, testicular cancer and gay rights.

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Adam Levine Ferrari

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Adam Levine Porsche 356