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Will.i.am’s Ridiculous Custom Tesla Model S

If you follow the auto industry enough, you’ve probably heard Will.i.am has talked about starting his very own car company. To quickly summarize, he wants to become an “exotic coach builder” and job creator in his east LA neighborhood. His latest creation is this very custom Tesla Model S featuring more bizarre lines and curves than Jocelyn Wildenstein. We honestly want to hate on it more, but frankly, it probably turns more heads than any other supercar in LA. Will.i.am must have a long list of eccentric millionaires lining up to get one of their own now too.

What do you guys think, is the futuristic shape and win or an ugly disaster?


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Will.i.am Cruises In His Crazy Custom Car

Will.i.am was spotted driving that crazy custom car of his in Hollywood this week and he was definitely turning some heads.

Will.i.Am Car Will.i.am Custom Car

(Photos: Zimbio)

Will.I.Am Cruises In His Customized Ride

The last time I saw this crazy customized ride was when it was on the back of a tow truck and not completely finished but from the looks of these photos, the car is completed and Will.I.Am is showing it off around Los Angeles. Still not sure what to call it…

Will.I.Am Driving Will.I.Am Car

Will.I.Am’s Custom Built $900,000 Car

Will.I.Am has some pretty crazy taste but this takes it to a whole other level of crazy. The $900,000 custom ride was spotted on the back of a flatbed truck in L.A. recently. According to Jalopnik, the car is actually a 1958 VW Beetle that has been modified beyond recognition. The build started in 2009 and it still isn’t complete. Doesn’t sound like Will.I.Am really knows what he wants…maybe he should just stick to music and leave the automotive designing to the professionals. Just sayin’…

Check out the build photos here.

will-i-am car

Photo/Video Source: TMZ
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