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Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Cars Video Premiere Party This Weekend

Sir Mix-A-Lot is planning to drop a pretty hot single with the re-make of Gary Numan’s Cars Video based off a new original by none other than himself! We’re pretty sure the video should be dope, but can we get in the party or what? Time to hit twitter and tweet at Sir Mix-A-Lot. Follow […]

Holly Madison On The Cover of DUB With Her Porsche 911

For a long time Holly Madison rocked a Porsche Cayenne while she snuggled up in the Playboy Mansion but by the looks of it she’s “all-grownz-up” now and decided to go for a Panamera 911. We’ve believe the grown up part if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s pink and she’s dressed like our […]

If We Were A Book We Would Be Different

I stumbled across this video that is apparently a promotion for a book and had a good little chuckle. How about you, have any of you seen this book?

What Celebrities Drive a Volvo?

Not A Celeb – But Hilarious None The Less! Rockin My Mama’s Volvo… man I love it. But then again I’m from Seattle and I’m dumbfounded by how many Volvo’s there are here! So how about a little challenge! Are there any celebrities that drive a Volvo. Post up a link if you can find […]

Pro Skater Josh Kalis Shows Off His Camaro

?Pro Skater Josh Kalis must really want to fondle Rob Dyrdek’s balls. Not really but does seem rather funny that they would have very similar themed 69 Camaro’s built by the same shop, All Speed Performance. Here is a link to Rob Dyrdek’s 69 Camaro – Rogue Status Style