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And Another One – T-Pain and His Bugatti Veyron

Seriously, this is rather ridiculous. I wont deny that the Bugatti is sick but these guys have too much cash to spend. Who insures these things anyways? T-Pain’s Bugatti Veyron Thanks again Trumpski

Buzzin Music Video Repping Plenty of Platinum Motorsport

I’m not familiar with this artist but the video is not too bad.  My favorite part is 50 Cent rolling in the Platinum Motorsport Lambo.

Birdman Owns a Bugatti Veyron???

How the hell did I miss that one?

Sir-Mix-Alot Carz Video is Live!

Last week we told you all about the latest song and video from Sir-Mix-Alot and now you get to see it! Don’t forget to like the video on Youtube and leave a comment!

Diko From Giovanna Wheels

Most of you guys have probably never even heard of Diko but in my mind he is always at the top when it comes to stunning me with his crazy cars.  Literally every new uber luxurious or uber supercar that comes out Diko picks up. Check out it this behind the scenes look at Diko […]