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Tyler The Creator Picks Up an Audi R8

Or did he? It’s always hard to tell if Tyler The Creator actually owns the cars he poses with or not. He also shared a photo of himself with a Ferrari F12 a while back but it probably wasn’t his so who knows if this Audi R8 is actually sitting in his garage or not. What’s your bet?

Tyler The Creator Audi R8

Source (Instagram)

Shout out to Jason for the tip


Did Tyler, The Creator Really Pick Up A New Ferrari F12 ?

Rapper and record producer, Tyler, The Creator posted this photo on Instagram of himself with a new Ferrari F12 and the caption “COPPED”. I know the guy’s doing pretty well for himself but from the looks of it, I doubt this is actually his and more of just a sweet photo op. What’s your guess?

Tyler The Creator Ferrari

Shout out to Blake for the tip!