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Tom Cruise Gets Sideways In A Chevelle

Tom Cruise had a little fun on set recently when he got behind the wheel of a Chevy Chevelle SS and took it for some practice spins.  No word on who owns this Chevelle but we could see Tom adding one of these under car cover to his garage.

Tom Cruise Chevelle SS











Tom Cruise Chevy Chevelle SS

Tom And Katie Go For A Cruise

Katie runs around in her Mercedes pretty often but in this photo Katie was actually spotted with Tom in the passenger seat. Is it just us or does Tom Cruise rarely ever drive himself?

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Mercedes Benz CLK

Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise And Katie Holmes Take A Tour

Tom, Suri, and Katie were spotted unloading from a car at the Vancouver Science Museum in Vancouver, BC a couple days ago. You can’t actually see Katie in this photo but believe it or not she was actually smiling! Question is, can you tell what kind of car they were riding in just by the passenger door?

Tom Cruise Suri Cruise Katie Holmes

Tom’s New BMW Bike

Here’s Tom Cruise riding around in his brand new bike. Sources say that the gorgeous bike is Katie’s gift to the actor.

What is that BMW?

Who cares about smoking hot Cameron Diaz, what is that BMW in the background. I see it has Sparco seats in it and I get that it’s probably on a movie set or training facility but does anyone know what it is?

Cameron Diaz' BMW