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The Weeknd Adds an Escalade to His Collection

Over the past two years or so, The Weeknd has become a legitimate superstar and has cemented that status himself by owning several pricey rides, including an Aventador SV and a McLaren P1. More recently it looks like he wanted to get himself something a bit more practical, which he did by getting a new Cadillac Escalade. West Coast Customs blacked the entire thing out and refers to it as “Batmobilized”, which is pretty accurate. It’s as stealthy as they come for an Escalade and I’m honestly really loving this look.

Weeknd Escalade

Source: Instagram

The Weeknd’s Lamborghini Aventdor SV!

Wow! Every so often a celebrity comes along that is just ballin out of control in the automotive department. The latest culprit is The Weeknd who was recently repping a new McLaren P1, and is now showing off what appears to be his new Lamborghini Aventador SV! The orange exterior color with the black wheels and yellow calipers happens to look really good too. Lets hope he keeps this one around!

The Weeknd Lamborghini Aventador SV The Weeknd Lamborghini Aventador

Source (@abelxo)

Thank you Alex for the tip!!!

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The Weeknd Owns A McLaren P1!?

There is a good chance at some point in the past year you’ve jammed out to The Weeknd whether you realized it or not. His hit songs Can’t Feel My Face and The Hills seemed to have taken over the radio waves for an extended stay. Needless to say he has become very successful, and apparently successful enough to be able to drop over a million dollars on the very exclusive McLaren P1! For being a fairly new mainstream artist it’s pretty surprising to see him with such a valuable car, but with a couple hit songs and a good financial advisor it’s certainly not impossible! Props to him for going big!

The Weeknd McLaren P1

The Weeknd McLaren

Source (@abelxo)

Thank you John for the awesome tip!

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