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Scott Disick Picks Up A Spyker

At some point Scott Disick may actually run out of cars to buy. For now though, he’s still on a roll. Most recently, Disick picked up a Spyker from the dealership and Kylie Jenner Instagramed a photo of the two of them with the car.

Scott Disick Spyker

Scott Disick Spyker

Shout out to Matt for the tip!

Akon’s Customized Spyker C8

Akon posted this photo over the weekend of himself behind the wheel in his Spyker C8. The car was built Alex Vega over at The Auto Firm. According to Akon’s Facebook page where he posted the photo, the Spyker is his favorite ride out of his whole collection.

What do you think of Akon’s Spyker?

Akon Spyker

Thanks to Alan for the tip!