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Selena Gomez Meets Taylor Swift For Lunch In Her BMW

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were spotted heading to lunch in Los Angeles recently. Selena rolled up to the restaurant in her BMW X5 while Taylor was spotted walking in with her bodyguard close by. We’ve never actually seen Taylor Swift driving herself around and we’re not sure we ever will. What kind of car do you think Taylor would drive?

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Selena Gomez Finally Buys A New Car

Selena Gomez has been driving around her old Ford Escape for a while now but it looks like she’s finally come to her senses. Selena was spotted at a gas station in Los Angeles recently with a new BMW X5. It’s now X5 M but anything’s better than that Ford Escape! After watching the video below it’s pretty clear she’s never actually owned a new car before. She gets so confused she actually asks a paparazzi to move the car for her — and he does! Check it out below.

Selena Gomez BMW

Photo Source: Zimbio
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Selena Gomez Desperately Needs A New Ride

Her purse is probably worth more than her car. Selena Gomez was spotted getting into her silver Ford Escape over the weekend. Don’t you think she’d want to buy something a little more exciting? What would you want to see Selena driving?

Selena Gomez Ford Escape


Selena Gomez Needs A New Ride

Obviously Selena Gomez isn’t into cars as much as her boyfriend Justin Bieber. Selena was spotted filling up her boring Ford Escape (while talking on her cell phone) at a local gas station recently. Don’t worry, we’re sure the Biebs will buy her a car at some point.

Selena Gomez Ford Escape

Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber: Pancakes In The Batmobile

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez grabbed some good ol’ fashioned pancakes at IHOP recently then left in Justin’s “Batmobile” Cadillac CTS-V . Wonder what Selena thinks of the “Batmobile”.

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Cadillac