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Sandra Bullock’s New Range Rover

Sandra Bullock’s been driving her blacked-out Mercedes-Benz GL for a while now but it looks like she has another SUV in her garage now. Bullock was spotted picking her son up from school in a new Range Rover earlier this week.

Photo Source (Zimbio)

Sandra Bullock’s Blacked Out Mercedes GL

Sandra Bullock definitely likes to black out her cars. We’ve seen her in her blacked out Audi A6 wagon many times (wheels are black) but this is the first time we’ve seen her in this blacked out Mercedes-Benz GL550 and we’re loving it.

What do you think, is the blacked out played out or does it look good on this GL?

Sandra Bullock Mercedes Benz GL 550

Sandra Bullock Mercedes Benz GL 550

Spotted: Sandra Bullock In An Audi

Usually we see Sandra Bullock getting into or out of the backseat of a black SUV but here we spotted her getting out of an Audi A6 wagon. For how much money Sandra Bullock has you’d never know it by what she drives (or rides in).

Sandra Bullock Audi A6

Sandra Bullock: Comfy In A Lincoln Navigator

Sandra Bullock was spotted fighting off the snowy New York weather by getting into a Lincoln Navigator.

Sandra Bullock Lincoln Navigator

Source: X17 Online

Sandra Bullock’s Spotted Shy in an S-Class

Sandra Bullock looked shy as paps caught her driving her Mercedes-Benz S-Class. She shouldn’t be ashamed of anything, especially in that car!