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Rumer Willis Drives a Tesla Now

It’s been quite a while since we’ve done a post on Rumor Willis which is really on her because she’s not out and about as much as she was a few years ago. Well I’m glad she was recently spotted because  she was seen getting into a dark blue Tesla. Pretty standard celebrity car at this point but nonetheless an impressive upgrade from her last-gen BMW X5. Good to see you, Rumer!

Rumer Willis Tesla

Source: Zimbio

Rumer Willis’ New Mercedes-Benz CLS

Rumer Willis was spotted rolling up to the ABC studios for a Dancing With The Stars rehearsal in her black Mercedes-Benz CLS 550. The last time we saw Rumer, she was driving around with a huge dent in the side of her BMW X5.

Photo Source (Zimbio)

Rumer Willis: Begging For A Trip To The Body Shop

Rumer Willis drove around Los Angeles recently in her smashed up BMW X5. Not sure what happened to the car but it sure doesn’t look good. You’d think out of the whole Willis/Kutcher/Moore family there would be another car to use in the meantime because this is just embarrassing.

Rumer Willis BMW X5



Rumer Willis’ BMW X5

Rumer Willis was spotted in a Brentwood, California gas station filling her BMW x5. We’re just glad she’s not one of those Range Rover-driving young actresses in Hollywood! A BMW suits her well.

Rumer Willis gets into her BMW X5.