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Rihanna Makes Other People Drive Her Around

A while back, Roc Nation gave Rihanna a Porsche Turbo S for her birthday. Just the other day Rihanna was spotted driving riding around in the Turbo S. Guess she’s just too busy to actually drive it for herself.

Rihanna Porsche Turbo Rihanna Porsche

Rumor Mill: Rihanna Buys Chris Brown A Mercedes For $1 Million

So who knows if it’s actually true or not, but rumor has it, Rihanna bought Chris Brown a Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss like the one we spotted Kanye West driving to an event at the Cannes Film Festival a couple years ago. If it’s actually true, lets just hope he doesn’t “customize” it like he just did to his Lamborghini.

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Rihanna Parties In Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador

Rihanna was spotted trying to get herself out of Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador at a Grammy after party last night. When you total your Porsche it’s sure nice to have a backup ride as nice as an Aventador!

Rihanna Lamborghini

Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Back Together In A Porsche

Ok, so maybe they’re not back together or maybe they are, who knows but from the looks of this photo Chris Brown and Rihanna are hanging out again. Brown and Rihanna were spotted getting into a Porsche Turbo earlier this week.

Chris Brown Porsche

Rihanna Chris Brown Porsche

ROC Nation Gives Rihanna A New Porsche Turbo

This is one way to wrap up 2012. Jay-Z and the rest of the ROC Nation family pulled out all the stops for Rihanna by surprising her with a new Porsche Turbo S recently. Hopefully she can find some time in next years schedule to actually out some miles on her new ride. She posted photos of the car on her Instagram. Check them out below.

Rihanna Porsche Turbo

Rihanna Porsche

Rihanna Porsche Turbo S

Shout out to Blake, Dan and Keez for the tip.