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Rickie Fowler Rockin’ The New 2016 Orange G63

Considering Rickie Fowler’s an Oklahoma State graduate and an ambassador for Mercedes Benz, I guess Mercedes figured their brand new 2016 G63 in orange would perfect for Fowler. Rickie shared a photo on Instagram of the new G-Wagon sitting in front of his private jet for the day. The G-Wagon also included the new options of the blacked-out bumpers, fender flares, mirrors, and roof.

Rickie Fowler G Wagon

Photo (@rickiefowler)

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Congrats to Rickie Fowler

Congratulations to Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler picked up a nice win at Deutsche Bank Championship. Between his great performances this year and a non-stop flow of the best Mercedes-Benz vehicles, it’s a great time to be Rickie!

Source: MBUSA Instagram

Rickie Fowler’s Driveway Looks Like a Mercedes Dealership

Rickie Fowler’s in Wisconsin right now for the PGA Championship and as usual, Mercedes-Benz has graciously loaned him a few sweet rides for the week.  Fowler shared a photo of his Mercedes-Benz lineup which includes a S63 Coupe, AMG GTS, and a GLE63 S Coupe. Not a bad way to get around for the week.

If you could pick one of the three, what one would you go with?

This isn’t the first time Mercedes has loaned Fowler some sick rides — they gave him a AMG GTS while he was in Seattle for the U.S. Open a couple months ago and an E63 a while back too.

Rickie Fowler Mercedes Benz

Photo (@rickiefowler)

Rickie Fowler’s Rolling in a New Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S

Rickie Fowler’s ready for a good show on and off the course at the U.S. Open this week. Thanks to Mercedes-Benz USA, Fowler’s cruising around in a new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S for the week. MBUSA shared a photo of Fowler with the AMG GT S near Chambers Bay. Must be nice!


Rickie Fowler Mercedes Benz

Photo (@mbusa)

Rickie Fowler’s GT-R Gets a Major Facelift

We’ve been a big fan of Rickie Fowlers car collection for a while now and just recently, Rickie Fowler decided his Nissan GT-R needed a new look and that’s exactly what it got. Not only does it have a new body kit, it has a new paint color too. The once black on black GT-R is now white on black.


Here’s what it looked like before:
Rickie Fowler Nissan GTR Porsche

What do you think of the new look? Too much or just right?

Photo (@therealrickiefowler)
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