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Ben Affleck: Dad Duty In The Land Rover

Ben Affleck can’t catch a break when it comes to parking tickets. Affleck was spotted picking up his kids in their new Land Rover LR4 and finding a ticket on the windshield before getting into the drivers seat.

Ben Affleck Land Rover

John Krasinski Gets A Ticket In His Mercedes ML

Paparazzi caught John Krasinski pulling a parking ticket off the windshield of his Mercedes-Benz ML450 last week. Just because he drives a hybrid doesn’t mean he follows the parking rules I guess!

John Krasinski Mercedes Benz ML

John Krasinski Mercedes ML



Zac Efron Picks Up A Parking Ticket In His Audi

Zac Efron found a parking ticket on the windshield of his Audi S5 in Hollywood recently. Maybe next time he should think about not parking in a handicap spot…

Zac Efron Audi S5

Mesut Ozil Picks up a Parking Ticket in His Ferrari 458

Real Madrid star, Mesut Ozil recently picked up a parking ticket for carelessly parking his blacked out Ferrari 458 Italia in downtown Madrid.

mesut ozil ferrari 458

Mesut Ozil Ferrari 458

mesut ozil ferrari 458 backend

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Jeremy Piven’s Parking Ticket Blues

Jeremy Piven has a problem when it comes to parking his cars. No matter what car he’s out in he always seems to walk back to a ticket. Most recently, Piven was spotted heading back to his Audi A8 where he found not one but TWO tickets on his windshield.

Jeremy Piven Audi A8











Jeremy Piven Audi