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Oprah’s The Proud New Owner of a Tesla Model S

When Oprah’s not being chauffeured around town in fancy SUV’s or riding around in the passenger seat of Rihanna’s Suzuki, it looks like you can find her behind the wheel of her brand new Tesla Model S. Oprah shared a photo of her testing out her new Tesla on Instagram recently. Do you really think she drives herself?

Oprah Tesla

Photo (@oprah)

Shout out to nbc1 for the tip!

Rihanna And Oprah Go For a Spin

Yep, you heard it right. Rihanna and Oprah – two very famous, very rich women were spotted taking a spin around Rihanna’s hometown in Barbados recently — in a Suzuki. When you think Rihanna and Oprah you might think backseat of a Maybach or something but that was not the case here! Guess this confirms for that Rihanna has her drivers license now or at least let’s hope so for Oprah’s sake! Check out the photo below that Rihanna and Oprah tweeted over the weekend.

Rihanna Drives Oprah

Own A Small Piece Of Oprah’s World!

It’s no secret that Oprah Winfrey pretty much rules the world and now you can have the chance to own a small piece of Oprah’s world by forking out a lump of cash for her 1996 Bentley Continental GT available on eBay!

Oprah Winfrey Bentley Continental GT

Check out the eBay listing here for all the details. Also, for any of you wondering, we looked into it and Gail King is not included with the car. Disappointing we know…