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Lupe Fiasco’s Chevy Lineup

Lupe Fiasco stopped by Platinum Motorsport for a photo shoot to showoff his Chevy Camaro and old Chevy Pickup for DUB Magazine. Looks like he had no problem replacing his 575M Maranello. What do you think of Lupe’s lineup?

Lupe Fiasco Camaro

Lupe Fiasco Chevy

Source: Platinum Motorsport

Lupe Fiasco’s Ferrari’d Out

Lupe Fiasco’s Ferrari 575M Maranello was the first Ferrari he ever bought but it looks like even that can’t stop the Ferrari loving music mogul from moving on to bigger and better things. Lupe’s 575M is up for sale on eBay with a price of just under $110K so if you’re in the market — you’re in luck.

Lupe Fiasco Ferrari








Check out all the details here. The car is even autographed…but not by Lupe…

Lupe Fiasco Ferrari