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Ken Block’s Hoonigan Airport Shuttle Service Is Badass

When you’re Ken Block there’s no such thing as a taxi or a town car. Even from the airport he’s rolling Hoonigan style. Brian Scotto, Block’s buddy and CBO of Hoonigan picked him up from LAX in this sick Turbo Rauh-Welt 964 (aka 965) Porsche and Ken Block posted a couple photos on his Instagram with one caption reading “The Hoonigan airport shuttle service”.

Ken Block Hoonigan

Ken Block hoonigan Porsche

“Sometimes I Drive My Ford Raptor On A Ski Resort” – Ken Block

Ken Block posted this photo on Instagram of his blacked out Ford Raptor posted up on a mountainside ski resort. No big deal.


Ken Block Ford Raptor

Ken Block Living A Regular Life With His Ford Raptor and Boat

Ken Block’s profession as a rally car driver puts him in the seat of many cars.  Back in the day he had one of the sickest daily drivers which was a very customized Mercedes CLS55.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he still has it being that it was very personalized and I”m guessing that if it was sold we would have seen it.  So fast forward to 2011 when Ken Block said something to Ford about needing a winter car and they presented him with a matte-black Ford Raptor. We haven’t seen or heard much of it since then being that Ken is on the road so much but it looks like this past week he got to spend some time with the Ford Raptor, his boat, and his family back in Park City where Ken lives.

Ken Block Ford Raptor pulling boat

Ken Block/The Hoonigans Order a Rauh-Welt Porsche

Ken Block is known for a lot of things and crazy cars is one of them so it doesn’t surprise us that he’s somehow involved in the creation of Rauh-Welt Porsche for his new brand HOONIGAN!

Here is the first glimpse of what you might see Ken piloting in his next Gymkhana video! Between a RWB Porsche and Ken’s Ford Raptor I’m not sure I would need any other cars if I were him!

RWB Porsche

Ken Block’s New Ford Raptor

Ken Block has a new toy to add to his garage!

Ford presented Ken with a brand new Ford Raptor truck. Check out the photos below. Not a bad winter toy!

So Ford, how can Celebrity Cars Blog get one of these in our garage?  This is what we want ours to look like! NorthWest Auto Salon’s Ford Raptor

Ken Block's Ford Raptor











Ken Block Ford Raptor