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Kate Walsh Fills The Tires On Her Porsche

Kate Walsh showed off some leg as she filled up the air on the tires of her Porsche recently.

Kate Walsh Porsche

Kate Walsh Goes For A Spin In Her Porsche

Kate Walsh out and about in her 997 Porsche Carrera Cab with the top down.

Kate Walsh Porsche

Kate Walsh Runs Errands In A Escalade

Private Practice star Kate Walsh was spotted running errands in a Cadillac Escalade recently.

Kate Walsh Cadillac Escalade

Kate Walsh’s New Porsche Convertible

Private Practice star Kate Walsh apparently has a 996 model Carrera Cab.  Must have had it pushed to the back of the garage since this is the first time we’ve seen her in it.

Kate Walsh's New Porsche Convertible

Kate Walsh Porsche Convertible

Kate Walsh Keeps Herself looking Good in the Range Rover Sport

Well we have seen Kate Walsh in this Range Rover Sport about as many times as we’ve seen her in the Cadillac commercial but either way we still love it. Here we catch Kate slipping into the valet area all prepped and ready to go!
Kate Walsh's Range Rover Sport