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Justin Timberlake Valets Jessica’s Audi

Justin Timberlake was spotted valeting Jessica Biel’s white Audi Q7 over the weekend.

Justin Timberlake Audi Q7

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake in an Audi Q7

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake look like they’re cozy in an Audi Q7 after eating at a Mexican restaurant in Hollywood.

Jessica Biel’s Lexus

Jessica Biel was seen walking away from her parked Lexus RX 400h. This girl has quite the practical taste when it comes to her cars. You don’t see her in pink Bentleys or pimped-out Lambos and we are fans of any who chooses a hybrid hat is not a Prius.
Jessica Biel's Lexus

Jessica Beil Does It All With Her Audi TT

Most celebrities these days have two or three cars. They run around LA burning un-needed gasoline and half the time they don’t even look good doing it. But Jessica Beil on the other hand does it right. Taking the dog out for a run… just load him up in the Audi TT sports car. Sure it only holds two people but do you really need an Escalade to run your dog to the park?

Jessica Biel Audi TT