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Jennifer Love’s New Man and Lexus

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s life is like starting over: she has a new man and a new car– a Lexus Rx 400h! We’re used to seeing her in her Bentley, but an SUV is just fine!

Jennifer Love's New Man and Lexus

Jennifer Love's New Man and Lexus

Jennifer Love Hewitt Tries To Hide in Her Bentley Continental GTC

The Hollywood star who recently filmed an episode for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was seen hiding her face with a bag inside her Bentley Continental top down. Jennifer Love doesn’t usually shy away from the paps, but only this time while she’s being photographed before heading in a Beverly Hills salon. Her hair’s maintenance must have been worse than the way she treats her car!

jeniffer love hewitt bentley

Source: X17 Online

The Lexus RX Is the New Dress Down

We hate to admit it but the Lexus lineup is the new dress down of car lines and Jennifer Love Hewitt is the spokesperson. Hot even when dressed down!


Jennifer Love Hewitt Lexus RX

Look Who Got Smart!!!

Jennifer Love Hewitt must have traded in her Prius for a smart car!

Jennifer Love Hewitt's  Smart Car

Sometimes You Want To Be Seen, This Is One Of Those Times

I might be wrong here but I feel like Jenifer Love Hewitt is looking damn good and wants everyone to see it, not too mention she is rolling a very nice Bentley CGTC.