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Jay Z & Beyonce Cruising In An Alfa Romeo Spider!?

Jay Z and Beyonce are still arguably one of the most powerful couples on the planet right now. Although they are usually chauffeured around when they need to get places (Jay Z prefers to be driven around in a Cadillac Escalade), that doesn’t stop them from getting behind the wheel themselves from time to time! On a recent trip to Italy, they were spotted cruising around in a vintage Alfa Romeo Spider! The little Italian sports car is a perfect, albeit maybe a little cliché, way of getting around the country in style! It is unusual to see such popular celebs driving around like this, but we definitely don’t mind!

Jay Z Beyone Alfa Romeo Jay Z Beyonce Alfa Romeo Spider

Thank you Paolo for the rare photos!!

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Beyonce and Jay-Z In A Vintage Rolls Royce

Beyonce shared some candid photos last week of her and Jay Z driving around in a vintage Rolls Royce convertible.

Beyonce Rolls Royce Jay Z Rolls Royce

Beyonce Vintage Rolls Royce

Kanye and Jay-Z: Maybach Meetup

Cameras caught Jay-Z stepping out of his Maybach to talk to Kanye West in NYC recently.

Jay Z Maybach Kanye West Jay Z Maybach

Jay-Z Steps Out Of An S-Class

Camera’s spotted Jay-Z stepping out of the backseat of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class before hopping onto a private jet.

Jay-Z Mercedes Benz S Class

Jay-Z And Beyonce Roll Through Paris In A Range Rover

Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted stepping out of a Range Rover with their daughter Blue Ivy in Paris recently. It doesn’t matter where this power couple travel to, they’re always going to be rolling in style.

Beyonce Range Rover

Jay Z Range Rover