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Who Owns This Hideous Hummer?

Okay, I’ve seen some pretty crazy cars before but this one might top the list. This 2001 Hummer H1 with 4-tone interior including boa, alligator, ostrich, and crocodile is for sale on eBay and listed as celebrity owned but doesn’t say who. The Hummer is also covered with not just one but FOUR coats of Rhino Liner, it has LED Strobe lights, a PA system, and CB radio to enhance the swat look exterior. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with riffle racks and a pistol holder. It can be yours for just $89,500. Take a look at the full listing here.

Anyone know who’s it is?

Hummer H1 Crocodile

Celebrity Hummer Hummer H1

Chad Netherland: Master Of Strength and Car Enthusiast

Chad Netherland10-time Guinness World Record holder, Chad Netherland is the true master of strength and destruction. He holds more Guinness world records in martial arts and strength than anyone else in the world. Just a few of his talents include tearing phone books by hand, ripping decks of cards by hand, bending steel bars and nails by hand and driving a nail through a board by hand. But beyond being a guy you probably wouldn’t want to challenge in a strength competition, he’s also a huge car enthusiast and has been since he was a child.

“Growing up I had the Lamborghini Countach 500 poster on my wall next to the Porsche 959 and the Ferrari Testarossa not knowing that one day I would be able to drive all of them.” Netherland said.

Chad currently drives a blacked out Hummer H2 SUT with a body package. His top cars to drive for speed and performance include the Ferrari F430 for its amazing handling and performance, the Lotus Elise because it’s like driving a really fast go-cart, the Porsche 911 for great acceleration and handling and last but not least, the Lamborghini Diablo for its raw power.

Chad Netherland Hummer













Chad’s favorite car ever though is the Ferrari F430. “One of my favorite cars to drive has to be the Ferrari F430. I was filming in Las Vegas and had the opportunity to take the F430 around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at 140mph. It was AMAZING!” said Netherland ” I did however later that night hit 80mph between two traffic lights on Las Vegas blvd in a lotus…lol

For more information checkout his website or follow him on Facebook.





Christian Audigier’s Hummer H1 Convertible Diesel

Christian Audigier definitely has one bad ass matte black Hummer H1 Convertible Diesel. The Hummer was custom built by the guys over at West Coast Customs but it looks like Mr. Audigier’s moving on to bigger and better things because the Hummer is currently up for sale. Since he sold Ed Hardy for around $62 million earlier this year we’re guessing he’s got options…

Christian Audigier Hummer















Christian Audiger H1 Hummer

Arnold Hits The Open Air in His Old School Hummer

Arnold Schwarzenegger hit the streets in his old school H1 Hummer with his entourage close by in their boring black suburbans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger H1 Hummer

Arnold Schwarzenegger H1 Hummer

Jeremy Shoemoney Drives His H2 With A Grandpa Shoulder Pad

You guys may have no idea who Jeremy Schoemaker is but in a few far-off industries of the world he is a huge celebrity and he even balls like he’s out-a-control (see after the jump). Anyways I was just watching this funny video and can not help but call out the granny seat belt shoulder-pad that Jeremy is rocking in his H2. What is up with that.

Do any other celebrities roll like old people?

You can learn more about Jeremy Schoemaker at his blog. Continue Reading