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Harry Styles Test Drives A Classic Jaguar

He’s only eighteen and he has more cars than most people will ever have in a lifetime but that hasn’t stopped Harry Styles from adding to his collection. Harry was spotted test driving a classic Jaguar E-Type this week. No word on whether or not he actually bought it – guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Harry Styles Jaguar

Harry Styles House Hunts In His Rover

Harry Styles left his Audi R8 and his new Ferrari at home and took his Range Rover Sport (and a blonde) out for a spin instead.

Harry Styles Range Rover

Harry Styles Range Rover Sport

Harry Styles from One Direction Flashes his New Ferrari

It must be a hard life for Harry Styles from UK boy band One Direction. So hard in fact that he had to treat himself to a brand new $200,000 Ferrari F1 California. The British teen heart-throb has no shortage of cash as One Directions’ own brand of pop music has been well received around the globe.

Harry shot to fame when One Direction was put together at the Boot Camp stages of UK X-Factor – Simon Cowell’s latest national phenomenon. Harry met Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam during the process and ticked all the boxes when it came to looks and vocal ability. In a flash the 5 failed solo artists were a group and their worldwide success has seen them come into plenty of money and what else is any 18 year old going to with it?

These pictures were snapped just a couple of days ago and show Harry cruising around Beverly Hills in his new F1 California. He already owns an Audi R8 so this makes a pleasant addition to the garage:

Harry Styles Ferrari California

Harry Styles Ferrari California

One Direction’s following is reaching Bieber-like levels and this is likely to be one of many exotic cars that the boys will buy during their new found fame. What do you think? Was this a good way to spend $200,000?

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Harry Styles Picks Up A New Audi R8

One Directions 18 year old Harry Styles recently picked up a new Audi R8. We don’t follow One Direction since boy bands really aren’t our thing but from the looks of it this boy band member is doing pretty well for himself. Styles was recently spotted parking the car on a muddy dirt road at his parents house. Maybe the next chunk of money could go towards a new driveway??

Harry Styles Audi R8

Harry Styles Audi

Shout out to Garry for the tip!

Source: Luke Williams Gossip