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Spotted: Halle Berry In a BMW i3

Halle Berry was spotted filming for a new sci-fi TV show in a BMW i3 recently. I seriously hope this car doesn’t actually become a “thing” with celebrities because it’s hideous.

Source (Zimbio)

Halle And Oliver Take A Spin In An Aston Martin

Halle Berry was recently spotted stepping out of Oliver Martinez’s old school Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Halle Berry Aston Martin








Halle Berry Dresses Down In Her Lexus RX Hybrid

Halle Berry tries to stay incognito as she picks up her daughter from school in her Lexus RX hybrid. Don’t you agree that Halle still looks good even in sweatpants?

Halle Berry Gets A Surprise While Riding In A Navigator

Halle Berry was on her way to the airport in a Lincoln Navigator recently when her boyfriend Oliver Martinez made a surprise stop next to her on his Harley Davidson.

Halle Berry Lincoln Navigator Oliver Martinez Harley Davidson

Spotted: Halle Berry And Oliver Martinez Take A Ride

Halle Berry and boyfriend Oliver Martinez were spotted taking a ride on the wild side with Oliver’s Harley. Halle left lunch with Oliver and hopped onto the back of his Harley Davidson outside a Los Angeles restaurant.

Don’t you think she looks pretty good on the back of a Harley? We do! Always a nice change of pace from the Lexus.

Halle Berry Oliver Martinez Harley Davidson












Halle had her helmet on while walking down the sidewalk. Talk about safety first.


Halle Berry Harley Davidson