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Shaquille O’Neal: Mustang Fit For A King

Shaquille O'Neal Ford Mustang

MTV2 has recently teamed up with DUB Magazine to bring you a car culture lifestyle series called “The Dub Magazine Project”. Their first project was definitely a tall order but nothing was going to stop them from making one celebrities dream a reality. Most people don’t have to think twice about whether or not they’ll fit into a car but for 7′ 1″, 325 pound Shaquille O’Neal things are a little more complicated. Find out what the guys on “The DUB Magazine Project” had to go through to make Shaq’s Ford Mustang convertible fit just right.

Check out the trailer for the show here and the full first episode with the unveiling of Shaq’s new ride here.

Shaquille O'Neal Ford Mustang


Nick Jonas Takes His Ride Old School

Nick Jonas was recently spotted getting out of his classic Ford Mustang Cobra. Nick might be young but he definitely likes his classic cars. Nothing against muscle cars but we’re not quite as impressed with his lineup as we are with his brothers. Pretty tough to beat the R8 Spyder.

Nick Jonas Ford Mustang









Source: X17 Online

Kellan Lutz Shows Off His Shelby GT500

We know Kellan Lutz has an Audi S5 but we didn’t know about his GT500. Kellan was recently spotted leaving a photo shoot and getting into a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. We’re rather surprised to see him running around in such a nice collector car but we know that it’s stored with Ford Mustang Covers from EmpireCovers.com when it’s at his condo!

Kellan Lutz Shelby Mustang GT500

Own A Piece Of Tim Allen’s Car Collection

This one’s for all you Mustang fans- Tim Allen’s 2008 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt up for grabs on eBay. The car is a dark highland green to match Steve McQueens famous fastback Mustang from the movie Bullitt and is only 1 of 5773 ever built. One of the first upgrades most people make to this year of Pony is upgrade the 08 Mustang muffler to something aftermarket like the Flowmaster.  We also see that Tim Allen has clearly been using some Ford Mustang Covers from EmpireCovers.com when storing his Bullit.

Check out the eBay listing here for all the photos and details.

Tim Allen Ford Mustang

Tim Allen Ford Mustang

Tim Allen Ford Mustang Bullitt

Matthew Rutler Does The Drive Of Shame

Christina Aguilera’s boyfriend Matthew Rutler did the drive of shame this afternoon as he left Johnson’s Super Service where his Mustang was taken following his arrest for driving under the influence and Christina’s arrest for public intoxication. Rutler spent the night in jail and after picking up his Mustang he drove it straight to Christina’s house.

Matthew Rutler Ford Mustang

Johnsons Impound Service