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Flo Rida Adds A Ferrari 458 To His Collection

Looks like Flo Rida decided to join the celebrity band wagon with this new matte grey Ferrari 458 Italia. The 458 is definitely a hit with lots of celebrities including, Kim Kardashian, Valentino Rossi, Ozzy Osbourne, Simon Cowell, The Dream, Mesut Ozil and many others.

Flo Rida recently posted this photo on his Facebook page. Hopefully he doesn’t get busted by the cops in this one like he did in his Bugatti. What do you think of the matte grey?

Flo Rida Ferrari 458 Italia

Shout out to Joshua for the tip!

Flo-Rida’s Bugatti

I follow all sorts of people on Facebook and I saw this pop across my feed.  Apparently Flo-Rida had his Bugatti wrapped.  I don’t know wether this was for a video or because he wanted a white Bugatti but apparently it turned out like shit and it’s going back to stock.  Word to the wise, if you need a supercar wrapped go see Northwest Auto Salon.

Photo from Nue Vue Photography

Video of Flo-Rida’s Bugatti in Beverly Hills.


Flo Rida Finds Another Bugatti

Looks like Flo Rida is back on the streets after his recent run in with the cops while driving a black and red Bugatti. This time Flo Rida was behind the wheel of a white Bugatti Veyron. Lets just hope he got that suspended license thing all worked out!

Flo Rida Bugatti Veyron

Flo Rida Bugatti Veyron

Flo Rida Gets Busted In His Bugatti

Last night was definitely not a good night for rapper Flo Rida. Somewhere around 3:30 AM Flo Rida was pulled over in his red and black Bugatti for drunk driving. After failing sobriety tests, cops also found out that Flo Rida was driving on a suspended license for failing to pay a traffic fine.

Flo Rida Mug Shot

So wait, lets get this straight…he gets pulled over in one of the worlds most expensive cars but he has a suspended license because he couldn’t get it together to pay a small traffic fine? Something’s not right here…

Flo Rida Bugatti