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Eva Longoria Takes Her Parents For A Bentley Ride

Now that she’s single lady, Eva Longoria has lots of time to take her parents out to dinner and drive the cars she rarely used before. She was spotted in her Bentley Continental while leaving her restaurant, Beso in Los Angeles.

Is it me or do you get the feeling her dad could really care less about fancy things?

Eva Longoria Bentley Continental

Eva Longoria taking her family out in her Bentley Continental

Eva Longoria Parker Drove Hubby to a Sushi Dinner in her BMW

Desperate housewife Eva Longoria-Parker made love to his NBA star husband in the form of raw Japanese delicacies and driving services. The couple spent a lovely dinner in the celebrity hot spot Katsuya in LA, and Eva was seen being such a lady by doing the driving duties. Tony Parker must have eaten too much sashimi or in this case, a lot of lazy-me.

Eva Longoria Parker Drove Hubby in her BMW

Source: x17online.com

Eva Longoria Does a Lambo Good

Eva Longoria may not own this Lamborghini Gallardo but she shure makes it look good!

Eva Longoria's Lamborghini Bebe Sport Campaign